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Update on Government Consultation on House Buying and Selling Process

From Phil Deacon IRRV(Hons), ISVA Council

Dear ISVA Members
Your efforts in writing to MPs and making submissions to the Government Consultation have paid off!
Following contact from Sajid Javid’s team at the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, a small team from ISVA attended a meeting at the Ministry on the 28th
February. Roger Conway, Jason Williams and myself braved the snow and had the ear of the Department for just over an hour, discussing issues and suggestions for improving the
We understand that there were around 1200 responses in total to the public consultation despite it not being particularly well publicised. This just goes to show that making
submissions can be worthwhile and that your views are not totally buried in a mass of opinion.
We were complimented on our effective lobbying technique: The Department had received emails from a number of MPs following your efforts at local level to give ISVA a voice.
Writing to your MP really can work, especially when it is part of a co-ordinated effort.
Discussions across the board covered elements of estate agency, conveyancing and searches, interdependent chains of buyers and sellers, mortgage valuations and surveys
and our team were able to make suggestions in a number of areas. We expressed ISVA’s concerns regarding transparency, conflict of interest and complex monopolies, decline in
surveyors in the residential sector and the imbalance between risk and reward.
Finally, we offered to help in any way we can. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the coming months.
All in all, it was a very useful meeting and, once again, I thank everyone who made it possible by participating in the consultation and making representatives to their MPs.

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