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Whether this is the first or the fiftieth time you have found yourself needing to instruct a surveyor, how to go about finding the best professional for the job can be perplexing.

ISVA recommends that you use the following 6 tips to help you make the right decision:

1. Choose an INDEPENDENT and IMPARTIAL surveyor – do not rely on recommendations from those who stand to gain from a sale or a purchase such as the selling agent or mortgage broker.

2. Get RECOMMENDATIONS from INDEPENDENT and IMPARTIAL sources – preferably from those who have used the surveyor themselves or who have had experience of the surveyors work such as previous clients or genuine testimonials on the surveyor’s website.

3. Use a QUALIFIED surveyor – check that the surveyor is a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor (MRICS or FRICS).

4. Use an EXPERIENCED surveyor – enquire how long the surveyor has been in practice and carrying out survey work.

5. Use a LOCAL surveyor– enquire about the areas or locations that the surveyor has local knowledge of; find out how many jobs the surveyor has carried out in your locality in the last few years and where they are based.

6. Enquire about the QUALITY AND LEVEL OF SERVICE offered – ask if the surveyor will be available to talk to you before and after the survey at no extra cost; find out how long the surveyor is likely to spend on site; ask whether you will be provided with example copies of surveys so you can reassure yourself about the quality and standard of work before making a commitment.


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