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Government Consultation On House Buying & Selling – Update


As you will be aware, ISVA submitted a response to the above consultation. As a result of the lobbying of MPs by ISVA Members, three members of Council attended a meeting on
Feb 28th with Sajid Javid’s team. Members have also submitted their own thoughts to the Department.
The Department has now published its initial proposals and these can be found via the following link: particular interest to our members are the paragraphs copied and pasted below. (I would advise reading the whole press release):
Estate agents will now be required to hold a professional qualification and to be transparent about the fees they receive for referring clients to solicitors, surveyors and mortgage
brokers. Other measures to make the system easier, faster and more transparent include: – strengthening the National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team so they can carry out
more enforcement activity which includes banning agents ISVA has also received a letter from the Department thanking us for our input, and concluding –
We would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback on the Call for Evidence. We look forward to working together to improve the home buying and
selling process over the coming weeks and months. ISVA Council would like to thank all members for their participation in making this happen.
We will update you as and when with further developments. It is hoped we can give further input into the process in coming months as the above paragraph suggests and continue to
press the independent practitioner’s case for more transparency and the elimination of conflict of interest.

Phil Deacon IRRV(Hons)

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