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Government Consultation on the Homebuying Process


have made a submission to the Government Consultation on the Homebuying Process on behalf of the Association.
Council believe it would be beneficial if ISVA Members were to follow this up with emails to their MPs with a view to boosting ISVA’s profile and perhaps raising the chance of further involvement in the process.
Please would all ISVA members email their local MP with a message based on the following suggested wording:

Subject: Department of Communities Consultation – The Homebuying Process

Dear {name of MP}I am a member of the Independent Surveyors & Valuers Association (ISVA), a body that represents SME firms of surveyors, valuers and estate agents.
ISVA has lodged a submission in respect of the above consultation and believes that, as a body representing SME firms that are independent of major corporate interests, it has a role
to play in assisting the Government in its current review.
I would be grateful, therefore, if you could suggest this to the Communities Secretary and his team.
Yours sincerely,
{your name}

The name and email address of your local MP can be found by using the following link:

I urge all Members to take a few minutes to support ISVA Council’s efforts on behalf the Independent sector by sending an email.

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