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    David Evans FISVA

    Have any of the members carried out this type of survey and is there a format available for a report of this kind readily available?

    I will have a look on the RICS website and internet generally.

    Does Goreport do anything?

    Many Thanks in anticipation!

    David Evans FRICS FISVA

    David Evans FISVA

    Apologies that should read “Of” not “Or”


    Hi, David

    While you do not give any information regarding the nature and age of the private school building(s), or the porpose of the survey, we deal with usch reports on a bespoke basis.

    Most houses and flats are regular grists to the mill and it is arguable that survey reports could be somewhat generic, hence various attempts to produce templates.   Other buildings, such as schools (privare or otherwise) are often unique and need the surveyor to rely on his/her training and experience.


    David Evans FISVA

    Yes I have put together my own template but wondered whether there was anyone out there who had produced a report of this sort.

    The lack of detail is because the situation is highly confidential apologies for being obtuse.

    Thanks for your response



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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