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    David Wheeler MISVA

    I have been instructed to conduct a Level 3 Building Survey but have now received a copy of the Clients mortgage valuation report which called for a report from a structural engineer or a chartered building surveyor.

    Is there such a thing as a Chartered Building Surveyor any more?  I qualified as a General Practice Surveyor but have specialised in Building Survey work for almost 35 years.   Is that sufficient to call me a Building Surveyor or is there still a specific designation?

    Paul R E Dyer FISVA

    Hi David,


    Yes there is a Chartered Building Survey and there is a different APC route, although General Practitioners carry out fairly similar work to CBS, CBS’s are really a mixture of QS and GP.

    If the mortgage Valuer has requested a CBS or Structural Engineer then only a CBS should carry this out. (Otherwise check with the lender beforehand to see if they will accept your report.)



    AC Surveys

    Glad I read the comments, because I can confirm what Paul Dyer said!
    Also RICS Regulation Department can get really cross if you use the Wrong Designation! Be warned!

    John Gearing FISVA

    More to the point does the Mortgage Company seeking the Report know the difference between a CBS a GP Surveyor or a Structural Engineer – I suspect not causing confusion all round and a GP Surveyor with 35 years experience unable to take the job on. Outrageous. I feel your pain David.


    Have you thought of joining the Chartered Association of Building Engineers?   See:

    You may be able to join on the strength of your MRICS qualification and work experience.

    I suspect that the jobsworth at the mortgage lender would then be quite happy – but I always advise that the client checks first.


    John Stewart FISVA

    I have encountered this on numerous occasions.  In some vases the client approached the lender and was able to ‘clear’ me so that I could carry out the task.  I suspect, however, that most of the time this results from simple inertia: it’s what they’ve always said, or what the last person said, perhaps without understanding why.

    I’d be interested to know whether the referral is warranted, because all too often I find it is merely the valuer passing the buck, especially when it concerns past structural movement.  It should often be possible to draw a conclusion or arrive at a reasoned view.  If that’s not possible it’s quite unlikely that another professional can either, except by monitoring over time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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