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    A number of members have asked if ISVA has a ‘preferred’ provider or whether there is one which most members are using.

    We don’t have any information on which to base a recommendation nor do we know which providers are being chosen.

    It might be useful for members to share their choices with others via this discussion so that the subject can be explored further.

    ISVA Office

    Julian Dyer FISVA

    I believe we use TDS

    Neil Bright MISVA

    In my Complaints Handling Procedure, when Ombudsman Service – Property withdrew back in 2018, I changed to the following:

    Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
    70 Fleet Street,
    EC4Y 1EU
    Tel: 0207 520 3800

    Havent had to use yet, touch wood, so no idea if they are helpful or just incur another cost.

    Steven Palmer MISVA

    I use the Property Ombudsman. We haven’t had to use them.


    Our practice has done the same as Neil Bright for the same reason. Have no experience of how understanding of survey disputes the CEDR is but have read on other forums that their understanding ‘needs improvement’ (polite version).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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