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    Good morning all,

    As previously alerted to you by email, the 2024 ISVA Conference and AGM will be on Thursday 2nd May this year.

    To ensure that the conference is beneficial to our members, it would be great if you could please comment on any specific topics that you would like to be discussed this year at the conference.

    Whilst we will endeavour to appease all requests, we cannot guarantee all topics can be covered (in just one day at least!!)

    Happy commenting!


    ISVA Admin


    Simon Deacon FISVA

    Can you please have an update on The Building Safety Act 2022 and the practical implications for undertaking valuations/surveys on commercial and residential buildings that fall within the scope of The Act?


    Radon: I wonder if there would be any advice about how to introduce radon protection measures in an existing building.



    Please can we have an update on the Leasehold and Freehold Bill 2023-24?

    David Evans FISVA

    Approach to Valuing HMO s not necessarily for Mortgage only, maybe for Probate as well .


    Neil McKelvie FISVA

    It’s not always clear whether work on listed buildings requires consent. I’d be very interested in specific examples of work for which it was decided LBC wasn’t necessary.



    I am hearing that it can be very difficult to retire without selling on your business if you have a one surveyor practice. For example ceasing trading and winding up a limited liability company yet still having liability to clients and RICS requirements for run off cover. Looking at the age of many of the people in the conference room over the years I expect there are many who have similar questions. If there are members who are going through the process or have recently gone through the process, a presentation about the pitfalls and general experience would be much appreciated.



    I’d suggest an update on trading standards material information requirements, how to introduce retrofit into your business, RICS briefing on the new heritage practice statement which may be out by then along with and update on the HSS and Retrofit Standards.

    I agree with Steven, how to wind up your business, a Q&A on PII requirements and what and how to sell.

    Reuben Diffey FISVA

    Good idea Stephen. But for the (slightly) younger members, how about scaling, recruiting, merging, and or selling ones business. Put it all under the heading of growth and exit strategies?


    Neil McKelvie FISVA

    Is the 2024 conference happening on 02 May?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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