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    Good afternoon all,

    I have been emailed by one of our members regarding cavity wall fill- see blurb below. Any comments with advice will be much appreciated.

    “We are having dampness and  condensation issues  with  a property where I feel it is possible that defective cavity wall fill is at the root of  the problem.

    There is  a  guarantee,   but  the original  contractor  has  gone out of business and  the guarantee company do  not  seem  interested.

    I am  trying,  with  no  success,  to  find  a  company  who will carry out  the  necessary investigations to let us know if  the  wall  fill is  in fact the problem and  if so to  quote  for  necessary  remedial  work,  at which  point  we will of course be in  a position  to  reinforce our claim against  the insurers.

    I wonder if any of  the members have come across a similar issue,  and if  so,  whether  they are able  to  recommend a company able  to carry out the necessary investigations.    The subject property is in South Wales but I guess some of these companies will  operate country-wide.

    Your help  will  be  appreciated”

    Thank you in advance!


    ISVA Administration


    It would be useful to know where the property is.  No use suggesting someone on the South coast for a property in Yorkshire for example.


    South Wales too quick to reply – Doh!

    Neil Bright MISVA

    Have you tried contacting CIGA at all? They have been responsive when I have contacted them in the past regarding removing cavity insulation from a timber framed house (yes retrofit blown fibre into timber frame). You need to make sure that the usual 25 year guarantee is still in date. The fact that the original company are no longer in existence should not affect the outcome. They have contractors nationwide (often the installers are now doing the insulation removals) . Hope this is helpful. Can you keep us posted.

    The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency
    CIGA House,
    3 Vimy Court, Vimy Road
    Leighton Buzzard
    LU7 1FG

    Contact Info

    Phone: 01525 853300


    I have found the following contractor helpful, at least upto quotation stage ; they carried out a invasive boroscope survey and identified the Formaldehyde CWI has turned into one mass and was bridging the cavity and have quoted for its removal.

    Maria Guercio

    Customer Liaison Officer

    Pro Point UKT – 0800 2404634  |  W –

    3 Y Graig Llantrisant CF72 8FB

    Martyn Burnett

    Julian Dyer FISVA

    HI Martyn


    Thank you for this.   I shall  contact them  shortly.  Ill update you on progress


    Best wishes



    Julian Dyer FISVA

    Hi Neil


    We have contacted CIGA but  they were dismissive.    On reflection perhaps we did not initially make  the point strongly enough

    I will keep you updated




    Julian Dyer FISVA

    Hi Martyn

    This company has been  very helpful, but advised if they were to proceed without instructions from CIGA,  that may void the Guarantee, so I have gone back to CIGA with  a further , stronger,  request that  they take appropriate action

    It will be interesting to see what they say.  Luckily the Client is a robust character with the financial ability to pursue the matter if necessary.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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