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    Hello everyone.
    Does anyone in ISVA use Captego software? If so, can it work with the Homesurvey template, is it any good and does it deliver value for money? I am very old school – handwritten paper notes, sketches etc. followed by dictating reports, two (minimum) edit reviews and then issue. I wonder if there is a more efficient way without losing the checks and balances afforded by being laborious. Is it worth asking their rep to do a turn at the conference?

    Julian Dyer FISVA

    Never tried it
    I do my level 2 surveys on Quest, which is better now the platform seems more reliable

    Steven Palmer MISVA

    I’ve not tried it Stephen, but it is probably worth getting them to do a slot at the conference or your regional meeting.


    Thank you for the comments. Think I’ll stick with what works for me, at least for now!

    Alan R Young MISVA


    Have not used this as, like you, I am old school.

    I once used Quest but have changed  to Autotext, which is part of Word.  Basically phrases are given numbers or letters etc and are then stored.  When this is typed, followed by the F3 key, it copies the allocated phrase into forms automatically – very quick and easy once you have a library of standard phrases. I am sure you already know about this but thought it worth mentioning just in  case  it was of use.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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