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    We have been requested by Tom Littler of the ISVA Council to post his below query. If you think you can assist with the below issue, please email Tom directly at

    Could you please post a request to members for the most current RICS Professional Statement/ Practice Note, Guidance Note, etc detailing the duties and good practice of RICS members when undertaking the estate management of a development of 46 owner-occupied low rise, 1970s built, long leasehold (999 years) flats. My daughter is still living with the consequences of a foul water pipe leak which polluted her flat in early January 2023, and whilst an insurance claim was made, etc., she is still living in unsanitary conditions. The Chartered Surveyor managing agent in this case is not a member of ISVA.  There is clearly no coordination of the claims process, and no one has taken ownership of the process either. It would be helpful for her to know what the duties of the managing agent are. She is aware of the “reputation” of RICS Regulation, having worked part time for us just before a VRS auditor visit, and would prefer to use any relevant RICS document to nudge the agent into progressing the claim in a more timely and meaningful way.

    Hope you can help.


    Kind regards,



    If you think you can assist with the above issue, please email Tom directly at

    Tom Littler FISVA

    What a great response I’ve received to my email address from this post. I have been directed to the RICS code of practice – “Service charge residential management Code and additional advice to landlords, leaseholders and agents” 3rd edition by ISVA member Michelle Bernhardt. The Code includes a section on insurance and claims so thats my weekend sorted then!

    What a great advert for ISVA membership. If any other members have knowledge of other information please let me know.

    I would be delighted to return the favour to others when the need arises.

    Thanks to all

    Tom Littler.


    Good afternoon,


    The following link will direct you to the page where the RICS Code of Practice referenced above can be downloaded:



    Kind regards,


    ISVA Administration


    Hi, Tom

    Although I see that your specific question has been answered, may I point out that:

    (a) the legal liability lies with the landlord/freeholder, not with the managing agent


    (b) a complaint to the local environmental health department might bear fruit, if the conditions remain “unsanitary”. It has legal powers of enforcement.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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