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Hi Leslie,

Have been doing these since pre Target – completed numerous since the change to Lenvi or Homes England. Not much changes but the report needs to be addressed to Homes England somewhere.

They have introduced that the property must be inspected internally – which is good to see as I have come across a number of the on-line companies doing reports with no inspection.

They have also introduced a 30 day letter – This applies only if the completion , mortgage or otherwise, is to be within 30 days of the report expiry. The desktop still remains. I do charge clients for this 30 day letter as well as the desktop. There is still confusion on the dates they take – Target bounced from inspection date to report date. Not sure yet on Homes England.

Have completed thousands of these reports since I was originally nominated by Metropolitan – pre Target – as one of the recommended surveyors before the referral to Find a  Surveyor. Sometimes it just depends on who answers the phone for the Administrators. I use the same report format as before – just re-addressed to Homes England – and not had any issues  (yet).

Have emailed them straight after the change and since but never had a reply.

Hope this helps.


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