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Leslie J Long FISVA

In my view, the actions of a firm who had no interest in providing decent surveying services, just upping turnover and fee income at great pressure on its surveyor staff, has resulted in its own demise. In all conscience, it should have lead to a complete shut-down of that firm. I can only feel for the poor staff who have lost their jobs and income.

The RICS now only pay lip service to the requirements of the Royal Charter. When the glorious day comes that ISVA becomes a body able to accredit and denote a fully qualified surveyor, besides being presently a very professional organisation of independent firms who value customer service and try to actively deliver that to clients, we can all breath freely and know the property industry has escaped the stifling grip of the RICS.

The Royal Institution is an incompetent and defensive group of inadequate, unqualified  managers who can’t even keep its own Standards and Regulation Board (SRB), due to undermining it from a corporate angle, followed by the mass resignation of the SRB a few weeks ago. It’s not in the RICS vested interest to allow the SRB to act independently of the management, it’s embarrassing for the manangement to have its numerous and heinous failings publicised, as of late.

If only the glare of the exposure and public scrutiny might bring a real change in direction, a return to proper standards, and a fairer and balanced regulatory system – we can only hope, before the whole entity collapses and implodes under the weight of its own ridiculous actions.

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